A Low-Cost Titanium Ceramic Composite

TitanMade® L465 is a highly advanced and patent-pending titanium ceramic composite material with a gamma-phase titanium aluminide alloy matrix and in situ formed aluminum oxide particle reinforcement.  The performance of TitanMade metallic composite is the result of a 5-year intensive R&D effort, and the development of advanced technology for the production of full-density in situ composite materials with uniformly distributed and discontinuous reinforcement phases.  The technology also enables control over the size of the in situ formed particles down to 100 nanometers.

With low density, high hardness and stiffness, and superior strength and toughness, TitanMade L465 offers potentially game-changing properties for many applications currently using state-of-the-art technical ceramics.  TitanMade L465 also has excellent wear resistance, is electrically conductive, exhibits low thermal expansion, and can be used at temperatures up to 900°C.

The combination of these properties makes TitanMade L465 a highly desirable material for applications such as ballistic armor, bearings, rollers (cam-followers) and discs.

TitanMade L465 is comparable to silicon nitride, but at a fraction of the cost. Its unique set of properties fill the void between high performance alloys and advanced technical ceramics

Compatible with Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) techniques, TitanMade L465 is also easy to cut and shape for virtually any application.


Flexural Strength925 MPa
Hardenss187 HRA
Fracture Toughness27.4 MPa m½
Young's Modulus280 GPa
Density3.9 g/cm3
1 Rockwell A
2KIC per ASTM C1421-10 chevron specimen

For detailed information on the use of TitanMade L465 in ballistic armor applications, please see our TitanMade L465 Metallic Composite Armor Data Sheet